The First Love

In this century everyone needs a partner, and so, me too.

Let me first acquaint myself, I am a meticulous person and have a conscientious personality. The story begins few years back when I was in senior secondary. After lot of hustle and bustle for IITs and NITs in past years, I finally make out that it’s not my cup of tea. Therefore, with due respect I opted for personal coaching for my academics, that was the place where everything started.

The first day I entered the classroom, my eyes were stuck on a demure girl with sable-black hairs. She had a comely figure which was twine-thin. Her fingernails were varnished. She had curved waist and a burnished complexion. At that moment I felt like being on the best rollercoaster ride. Then we were introduced by our mutual friends like “Hey! Tia meet Jayesh, Hey! Jayesh meet Tia” and that was the dumbest introduction ever. Gradually after a century of smiles and a half of eye contacts, I decided to ask for a date. She misunderstood date as the general hang-out with friends and invited all our coaching mates. Though everything was spoiled but I haven’t lost the hope yet.

Things were going on casually then, all of a sudden Tia asked me to go for a bunk together and my reply was obviously a big Yes! After this we usually hang-out with all our mates and sometimes only both of us. Few weeks past and now we were good friends. We’ve exchanged numbers and our late night conversations were started. Our conversations ended almost 3AM daily. Every single minute with her on phone was the best time for me. We both had many things in common like we both had nuclear family, favourite food, dishes and much more. All this was going on for months then I decided to take this one level up. Whenever I flirted with her, she looked interested by her reactions and replies, which boosted my feelings. Now comes a dilemma, whether she also feels the same as I felt for her, not sure but I bet somewhere she also felt the same, after all this going on for 5 months I decided to speak my heart out. Finally, one day at 1:26AM (I remember the exact time because I have recorded that call) I confessed my feelings” Tia! Today finally my search is over”, she replied “Search, of what?”, I added” You are the one I was in search of, to tell that I need you all my life. I Love You”. Her reply was “Okie fine!” and I was like “What? at least say yes or no”. I know she needed some time, but I didn’t expect what she answered. She was ready for date, late night conversations, and everything I say but no commitment. I was totally fine with it, we enjoyed our life that way. After few months she called me “Hey! I need to confess something…”. Again a spark of hope raised in my head, but at that instant she ruined everything by uttering a single word “Sorry”. I understood there was something wrong, calmly I asked her to explain everything. After lot of suspense I came to know that she was just waiting for her guy, who is presently in an IIT. I was just an entertainer for her or a SUBSTITUTE for her guy with whom she can pass her time till Mr IITian comes back on Friesian Horse and took her away. Then, I also understood the F*ck *ff behind her “Okie fine !!”.

This was my story of being a SUBSTITUTE, which was worse than that of being friend zoned. Unfortunately that was my First Love.


What are Ties?

Few Minutes with Ties

Necktie or Tie is a long piece of cloth worn around the neck or shoulders. Neckties are traditionally worn with the top shirt button fastened, and the tie knot resting between the collar points. Among younger men, neckties are sometimes worn as a casual item, tied loosely around the neck, with the top shirt button unfastened.

There are five types of ties: –

  • Cravat Necktie
Cravat Tie
  • Four-in-hand Necktie
Four-in-hand Tie
  • Six and seven fold neckties
Six and seven fold Tie
  • Skinny tie
Skinny Tie
  • Pre–tied Ties
Pre-tied Tie
[Source- Wikipedia]